Top 5 Quirky Wedding Couples’ First Dance Songs

Wedding Couples’ First Dance Songs

The wedding couples’ first dance is often the highlight of the reception, and the choice of song is very important. For those brides and grooms who like to break with tradition and start their marriage off with something more akin to their tastes, we have compiled a list of our favourite “Quirky Wedding Couples’ First Dance Songs.

1. You got it – Roy Orbsion

‘Anything you want, You got it…’ when one couple have found love they have’ got it’ in abundance. We played this in June in mount Druid outside and it was beautiful and the guests just love to along sing the refrain!

2. Fleetwood Mac- Everywhere

What a great band and what a great song, we have noticed this song is definitely having a resurgence at weddings and having it as a first dance is a nice touch. Usually a firm favourite during the DJ set too 🙂

3. Queens of the stone age – Make it wit chu

For a fairly raunchy groovy choice of first dance this ticks all the boxes and gets the crowd into the party atmosphere straight away. The chorus is infectious and its a definite statement of a departure from the traditional waltz!

4. Talking heads – This must be place

A wonderful tune and groove from a fantastic band whose Arthouse music really stands the test of time. Aside from their other hits this is gentle and groovy enough for a first dance and we recall playing it for a boutique wedding couple in Fallon & Byrne, Dublin and we are itching to play it again!

5. Ed Sheeran – Thinking out Loud In Irish (as Gaeilge)

Here’s a recent one! We are delighted to perform this for a couple in Kippure Estate this week who love ‘a cúpla focal’ and speak ‘as Gaeilge’  as much as they can and they want their wedding to reflect it too. What a great idea and we are proud to display the language. Lets hope we can do it justice!

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  1. I had an idea what my wedding band was going to play for our first song, but with the above suggestions, I now don’t know. I do know one this it will never be an Ed Sheeran song, sorry all you Ed fans out there. Whatever I pick thanks for the suggestions.

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