Hitmen Trio New 2018 Brochure and Band News

We have a brand new 2018 brochure. This will guide you through the full day packages on offer from the high energy show after dinner and stomping 2 hour DJ set, to customised ceremony music & laid back afternoon drinks reception music with piano, guitars and harmony vocals.

Whats in the new 2018 brochure?

Inside our new 2018 brocure, you will find loads of new photos, our updated set-lists and get to read about our award nominations for 2018. You can also find our terms and conditions, and everything else you need to know before booking us to play for your special day.

Click Here to Download Our New 2018 Brochure

Summer Holidays

The Hitmen Trio are off for a week! Yes it’s true, we are gathering our breath and having a weekend off. Romain is going back to France for some family time, Jonny is playing some solo shows in the Naas area and Roly is heading to the “Body and Soul Festival” to be on the other side of the stage and listen to some tunes.

We have been lucky to play with Paul and Sharon at their party in Kinsale and what a beautiful place that is a real seaside village feel.

We look forward to our solo ventures and hooking up at the end of June for a very busy stretch of weddings and gigs. Stay Tuned!